Ian Murphy appointed to 1st British Para-Taekwondo Sub Committee

British Taekwondo have announced the first Sub Committee members who will be in position from 1st October 2014 to 30th September 2015 as follows:-

Chairperson:  Master Tom Stammer, 6th Dan, British Taekwondo Trustee
Member:         Master Peter Johnson, 7th Dan, UTA Stoke (Para-TKD Coach)
Member:         Ms Amy Truesdale, UTA Stoke Wallace (Current Para- World Champion)
Member:         Mr. Rick Simpson, 4th Dan, Horizon Taekwondo Academy
Member:         Mr. Ian Murphy, 3rd Dan, Pilsung Taekwondo
Member:         Mr. Tony Butcher, 4th Dan, Ickenham Taekwondo Club
This new Sub Committee will meet within the next few weeks to develop its Terms of Reference, Key Objectives and its Action Plans etc.  I’m sure you will join with me in congratulating these successful applicants by giving the group your full support as they work toward making British Para-Taekwondo a
great success.
Adrian Tranter – British Taekwondo President


What Ian had to say ?

[quote align="center" color="#999999"]

This is an excellent initiative by British Taekwondo and I am truly honoured by this appointment.  Pilsung fully supports the idea of access to Taekwondo for all individuals with varying abilities to achieve their full potential.

We have a variety of members some with disabilities that flourish in our clubs and we would like to encourage more individuals to remove barriers and grow within Taekwondo.

This initiative will create a smoother pathway for athletes to participate and compete in a growing Olympic sport giving a unique opportunity for any disabled athletes involved in any other martial art or sport to consider Taekwondo as another alternative with opportunities to compete at regional, national or international level..[/quote]



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