David Higgins took up Taekwondo at the age of 30 in January 1996 after brief encounters as a teenager with Karate, Judo and Ju-Jitsu. Under instructor Martyn Horton he progressed to red belt before becoming disillusioned with the club and association he belonged to. He along with Andrew Poulton with whom he was assisting with their own club, moved themselves and students in January 2000 to the BTCB and in particular Pilsung Taekwondo. Under the watchful eye of Chief Instructor Master Andrew Hill, David progressed to Black Belt on December 10th 2000. This was in Mansfield with Master Park Soo Nam (9th Dan) the Chief examiner. Master Andrew Hill and David club now jointly run, continued to grow as was the Pilsung Empire. David volunteered to become General Secretary for Pilsung looking after all membership paperwork and the behind the scenes running of the club with Master Andrew Hill.

This was back in 2001 and since then as legislation grows so have his roles with him becoming Child protection, and also Health and safety officer. David also has played a major part in organising the clubs in house gradings over the past 9 years and continues to do so.

He attained 2nd Dan Black belt in Glasgow in September 2002 and finally 3rd Dan on October 1st 2006. Over the years Dave has competed at local level and is also a qualified Level three Taekwondo referee. David is looking to take his 4th Dan later this year and currently runs the Crosspool club that has helped over 25 students attain at least Black belt level in the past 9 years. They train on Friday evenings with Keith Lambdon and Martin Elliott there to assist.


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  • 1st Dan 2000 –  Mansfield


  •   2nd Dan 2001 – Glasgow


  •  3rd Dan 2006 – Mansfield