Pilsung Taekwondo strives to create an environment in all of our classes that will allow each student to grow and fulfill their potential. We are fortunate to have high caliber instructors with many years of experience and an innate ability to guide each student to their own personal success. All of our classes are open to spectators and the payment for each class is per lesson: unlike some other clubs we do not operate a direct debit payment policy.

Pilsung Practices WTF Taekwondo which is a “Full Contact” Martial Art, meaning that injuries such as blisters or bruises can and do happen. Whilst this is part and parcel of the training experience, every effort is made to provide a safe environment and equipment for students and instructors alike. We stringently request that all students show respect for the training facilities and their fellow students. A high level of discipline and a cordial manner is expected at all times in order to keep students safe. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.