Ages 5+

This session is aimed at children and families and focusses on Taekwondo basics, but all grades and ages are welcome.

As well as practising skills across all areas of the martial art, students will develop their fitness, coordination, balance, and strength.  Sessions usually consist of a taekwondo-specific warm up, the development of basic skills (stances, kicks, punches, blocks and combinations), pad work to build confidence, an introduction to sparring, basic self-defence (one-step drills), and Poomsae (patterns).

The session is ideal for beginners and for those interested in fine-tuning their techniques in preparation for belt promotion (grading) tests, which are overseen by the club’s own experienced instructors.

This class is held at the prestigious English Institute of Sport, Sheffield: A venue that has everything you would want from a first class training centre.

For more information on this class, or any of those held at the EIS, contact Master Simon Turton on 07825 553639.

Postal Address: Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA Tel – 0114 223 5600