Pilsung Poomsae & Self Defence Seminar 2015

Pilsung held a Poomsae & Self Defence Seminar in March 2015 with Guest Instructors Master Andrew Hill, Master Steve Bromley and 2015 British Poomsae Champion Chan Sau at the Sheffield English Institute of Sport.

The seminar was attended by students from various Sheffield clubs, who all enjoyed the depth of expertise from all these instructors.

Steve Bromley who has a large knowledge base on realistic self-defence techniques and tactics travelled all the way from Stockport to show us some of his own personal methods and practice drills showing many examples of knife defence and knife safety.

Chan Sau the current individual British Poomsae Champion brought a wealth of experience on the subject of Poomsae demonstrating best practice and best execution of various Poomsae from an elite level.

Overall the attendee’s had a really enjoyable time and learnt a lot of new techniques with plenty of food for thought, on how to improve their own progress.

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