Paul started Taekwondo at 7 years old and has trained with Andrew Hill for over 15 years before opening up his open club in the Arbourthone area, he is a very experienced student/ instructor with many years of experience that has taken him around the UK and Europe taking parts in Tournaments, Seminars and gradings.

He is now a proud instructor with his own students at the Arbourthone Community Centre and is continuing the successful legacy of Pilsung Taekwondo, which he does by giving his students 110% commitment and dedication into providing young people an example of courage backed up by hard work.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WynFt5m9LvY&list=UUqYW0mWg7GtPfEQ6hY4eKbw&index=11&feature=plpp_video[/youtube]


* Chun Ma Gold (Doncaster)
* Lynx Taekwondo Open (Doncaster)
* Doncaster Dome 5 Gold’s
* Barnsley Gold Medalist
* BTF National Champion ’99 (Co Durham)
* Gained 2nd Dan 2001 from Master Kim Yong Ho 9th Dan (Co Durham)
* Master Shins Junior Male Winner ’99 (Manchester)
* Scorpions Millennium Championships 2000 Winner (Barnsley)
* Bentley One to One Winner 2000 (Doncaster)
* Abbey One to One Winner 2000 (Selby)
* Scorpion’s One to One Oct 2000 (Coventry)
* Gold – Millennium Championships 2000 (Darlington – Co Durham)
* Scorpion One to One 2000 Winner (Barnsley)
* Scorpion Tournament April 2001 (Barnsley)
* Ultimate Tournament May 2001 (Barnsley)
* South Yorkshire International 01 Silver (Barnsley)
* Gained 3rd Dan 2001 from Master Ian Lennox 6th Dan (Glasgow – Scotland)
* Silver BTCB Technical Championships Jan 2002 (Hucknall)
* Bronze Ultimate Championships Oct 2002 (Barnsely)
* Bronze Ultimate Championships 2003 (Barnsely)
* Bronze BTCB Junior Championships 2004 (Co Durham)
* Gained 4th Dan 2005 from Master Park Soo Nam 9th Dan (Mansfield)

* Trained Muay Thai 2010 (Sheffield)

* Trained MMA 2011 (Sheffield)