Ian Murphy first started martial arts in his teens in Ireland training in Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing (Mugendo Wado Ryu) achieving Brown Belt standard. Ian also trained in Tai Chi Chuan at University. Due to career commitments Ian had a considerable break from martial arts training until restarting in his ‘30s participating in and trying a number of martial arts including Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Wing Chun & Taekwondo. It was WTF Taekwondo that Ian pursued further because of the challenging training and techniques.

Ian’s interest in Taekwondo has grown and maintained his training due to finding it to be an exciting spectator sport and dynamic technical traditional martial art. Ian was also impressed with the integrity, expertise and skill of the instructors within Pilsung Association and therefore has since concentrated on developing as a Taekwondo practitioner. Ian started Taekwondo training with Simon Turton as instructor in 2003 and has trained with Master Hill and other Pilsung instructors over the years. Ian’s dedication to training paid off when promoted to 1st Dan in April 2008. Ian believes that this was only the beginning of his learning and is keen to develop his knowledge as a practitioner and instructor further, keeping updated on current taekwondo skills and coaching methods. Ian is also committed to promote WTF Taekwondo and to contribute to Pilsung as the local WTF taekwondo association that is providing high quality tuition and training in an established Olympic sport. Ian attends regional training Poomsae, Kyorugi & Self Defence seminars wherever possible to gain a more rounded experience of training methods and styles. Ian has been involved in activities and demos to promote Taekwondo locally.

Ian has continued to train regularly with Master Hill to maintain and develop his taekwondo knowledge whilst also developing as an instructor and passing on the training and learning to the next generation of participants. This has also culminated in achieving the ambition of grading to 4th Dan black belt.

Ian has achieved the Level 2 Coaching Certificate in Taekwondo (British Taekwondo) which will be further enhanced with the Para Taekwondo Coaching Certificate. Ian has also been privileged to be appointed as a member of the British Taekwondo Para Taekwondo Sub-Committee which is making strides to promote participation in Taekwondo for people with disabilities.

One to One teaching
One to One teaching


  • Promoted to 1st Dan April 2008 –  Mansfield (Grand Master Park Soo Nam 9th Dan)
  • Promoted to 2nd Dan April 2010 – Mansfield
  • Promoted to 3rd Dan April 2012 – Mansfield (Master Ian Lennox 7th Dan)
  • Appointed as member of the British Taekwondo Para Taekwondo Sub-Committee September 2014
  • Achieved Level 2 Taekwondo Coaching Certificate (British Taekwondo)
  • Promoted to 4th Dan May 2015 – Mansfield (Grand Master Ian Lennox 8th Dan)
  • Para Taekwondo Coaching Certificate – Manchester June 2015.
  • Promoted to 5th Dan December 2019 – (Grand Master Ian Leafe 8th Dan)