I started taekwondo in July 2009 at the age of 24, I practiced Kyokushinkai karate for more than 13 years but I stopped because there is no Kyokushinkai clubs available in Sheffield or in the surrounding areas. So I decided to keep my self occupied with taekwondo. I started in 2004 with Master Craig Wallace in Goodwill community centre. Soon after the goodwill centre had been closed and I didn’t know which sport to stick with. I tried Boxing, Capoeira, Wing-Chun and traditional Shoto-kan Karate, but none of them that I really wanted. Few years have passed, and then I heard that there are taekwondo sessions going on in Pilsung Verdon Street Club – Pitsmoor centre and the instructor is Craig Wallace. With no hesitation I joined the club and since then and I dedicated my life to taekwondo (the art of kicking and punching). My sudden change to taekwondo from karate is that in taekwondo whatever you do, you always learn more, and more. But in karate you learn few things then perfecting them. Big difference I know but I like more stuff than few.


* Double graded from 10th Kup to 8th Kup
* Double Graded from 8th Kup to 6th Kup
* Double graded from 6th Kup to 4th Kup
* Double graded from 4th Kup  to 2nd Kup
* Graded to 1st Kup
* Gold medal Tony Morgan’s 1 on 1 – Barnsley 2010
* Bronze medal Scorpion Open Sheffield 2010
* Black Belt 1st Dan – Mansfield 2010

* Black Belt 2nd Dan – Mansfield 2012