Summer Kup Grading 2010

Master Andrew Hill (6th Dan) was joined by Master Craig Wallace (5th Dan) Right, Paul Dryhurst (4th Dan) Left at the Summber 2010 Pilsung Kup Grading.

The assistant instructors were: Simon Turton (3rd Dan), Raymond Richards (2nd Dan) and Ian Murphy (2nd Dan) The Day started of with a Technical Seminar breaking down various aspects of what was expected in the grading, which was Poomse, Kyrougi as well as Basic Kicks and Hand Techniques.

Following this the grading took place, and it was again very successful all the students preformed really well showing and proving that they had put many hard hours training and it was all paying off. The Pilsung Grading Panel would like to thank all parents for there support and help through out the afternoon and a special thanks to Paul Dryhurst Senior (Pilsung Treasurer) and David Higgins (Pilsung secretary)for their comminment and hard work which allowed the day to run very soomthly.

We would also convey a special thanks to all black belts who helpled, their help was much appreciated. The Autum Kup grading will hopefully be held at the same venue some time in September watch this space form more information #

Thank You All