Pilsung Olympic Demonstation

Pilsung Taekwondo took part in the 3 day Sheftival event held August 3rd 4th and 5th 2012 at the Don valley Stadium, Grass Bowl and English Institute of Sport in celebration of the London 2012 Olympic games, the event was well attended and a lot of interest in Taekwondo shown.

Taekwondo was shown along side 25 other sports and activities with over 1000 artists, competitors and dancers taking part in the weekend events.

Pilsung Taekwondo Clubs also would like to thank the following students who helped out each day of the event.

  • Radford Love
  • Jordan Graham
  • Ian Murphy
  • Raymond Richards
  • Simon Turton
  • Luke Blackburn
  • Lewis Blackburn
  • Lee Massa
  • Terry Saunders
  • David Higgins
  • Andrew Hill
  • Craig Wallace